Tourist Jumps Out Window in India to Escape Attack? (VIDEO)

A British woman claims that she jumped from her 2nd floor hotel window in India on Tuesday to escape an imminent attack.

The woman was staying at the Hotel Agra Mahal in Agra, India- a poluar location for tourists attempting to visit the Taj Mahal. She claims that the owner of the hotel attempted to force his way into her room.

The owner was promising a "massage," according to the Associated Press, who confirmed that woman was not badly injured following the event.

"The woman told the police that the hotel owner kept knocking on her door persistently and even tried to unlock the door after she refused his offer of a free massage," the AP reported.

The owner of the hotel was arrested later the same day in the same area that the incident occurred. When questioned by police he denied any accusations and stated that he was only knocking on the woman's door because she had requested a 4 a.m. wakeup call. Members of the British consulate have reached out to the woman.

"Our consular team has spoken to this lady and also to the local police," a spokesman for the British High Commission in New Delhi said.

A number of other sexual assaults have occurred recently in India, causing increased awareness. Last Friday a Swiss tourist was gangraped near central India. Last year public protest was sparked after a 23-year-old student in India was gang raped in a bus; she died from sustained injuries.