Toxic Lipstick Could Lead to Symptoms Like Facial Spasms?

In a study of 32 different beauty lip products, researchers have discovered that most lipsticks contain trace amounts of metals that could produce a health threat. But, consuming trace amounts of metal may not be as strange as it sounds.

A new study has concluded that certain lip products could contain dangerous levels of different metals, especially if the user tends to reapply. The test was conducted on lipsticks and lip-glosses, all of which were purchased at local drug stores.

Conducted by Environmental Health Perspectives, the study concluded that 75 percent of lip products test contained trace amounts of lead. In addition, researchers also found trace amounts of aluminum, cadmium, chromium and manganese. Chromium can actually be taken as a supplement to control blood sugar and even depression. Some use it for weight loss or to build muscle. But the study reports at least 10 of the lip products, if used daily and reapplied at least once, would exceed the recommended daily intake of the metal by an estimated 68 percent.

Using lipstick could also result in an intake of manganese that exceeded 22 percent of the daily intake. Manganese can be found in some food and drinks, including green tea, sweet potatoes, and spinach. But excess levels of manganese can result in Parkinson's disease like symptoms that include tremors and face spasms.

Still, other experts were not impressed by the findings concluded in the study.

"The report does not provide any new meaningful information," said Linda Loretz, Chief Toxicologist for the Personal Care Products Council, a trade association for the cosmetics industry, in a statement to the Huffington Post. "The finding of trace levels of metals in lip products is not unexpected given their natural presence in air, soil and water. Very low levels are also found in drinking water and food."