Tracy McGrady Taunted in China's CBA, Responds By Elbowing Opponent to Floor (VIDEO)

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(Photo: YouTube via The Christian Post)Tracy McGrady elbows an opponent to the floor in a CBA match up.

Tracy McGrady responded to being taunted in a recent Chinese Basketball Association game by elbowing a Chinese opponent to the floor. The forrmer NBA superstar's reaction has been widely condemned, and even though he was provoked, most are rebuking the reaction as unsportsmanlike and over the top.

McGrady has gone to the CBA this season after failing to land an NBA contract. However, he has now been involved in a controversial exchange as he played for his team the Qingdao Eagles against the Beijing Ducks.

Ducks' player, Ji Zhe, taunted the former NBA star by wagging a finger at him after sinking a three pointer over McGrady.

At the time the Eagles were down by 19 points to the Ducks, and it appears as though McGrady was being repeatedly mocked by Zhe.

Not liking the way the game was going, and becoming angry at being mocked by the finger wag, McGrady slammed his elbow into Zhe, knocking him down to the floor. The incident caused the game to be stopped as the officials assessed what had just happened.

McGrady and the Eagles currently stand in last place in the Chinese Basketball Association, and have a record of 0-7. Many fans have been left bewildered by the lackluster start to the season, and had been hoping that McGrady would have a much larger impact and influence.

McGrady joined the NBA after high school with the Toronto Raptors, and after two years building a foundation he broke out in his third year.

He went on to play for the Orlando Magic and from his fourth to sixth years become recognized as one of the best players in the NBA. He was later traded to the Houston Rockets.

Here is a video of the controversial exchange and incident in the Chinese Basketball Association match up: