Tracy Morgan Out of Hospital, Thankful to Medical Team

Tracy Morgan, comedian and cast member in "30 Rock," has been released from the hospital after a scare during the Sundance Festival.

The actor was transported to hospital after suffering from altitude sickness and exhaustion in Park City, Utah. However, once there Morgan's mother reported to the Daily News that she had difficulty finding out exactly what had happened to her son and was unable to visit him.

"Nobody's telling me anything," said Alicia Warden, who lives in northeast Ohio. "If his brothers or I don't look at the computer, we don't know anything that's going on in his life."

Warden also reported that she had been estranged from her son, and had not seen him in almost 11 years although she still worries over his health.

Morgan's departure from Park City Medical Center was confirmed by his publicist, Lewis Kay, on Monday. On his Twitter account, Morgan also confirmed that high altitude was a factor in his collapse at the festival. "Superman ran into a little kryptonite. The high altitude in Utah shook up this kid from Brooklyn," he posted on Twitter.

He also suggested that he would be back on the set of "30 Rock" by Tuesday morning, giving credit to members of the hospital who helped to care for him. "Gotta thank the AMAZING medical staff and all my supporters! Love you," the actor wrote.

Tracy Morgan, who was appeared in eight seasons on Saturday Night Live, also plays the role of Tracy Jordan on "30 Rock". He has faced health troubles before, being diagnosed with diabetes in 1996. Morgan initially refused to comply with doctor's orders and take medication for his diabetes until running a 104-degree temperature on the set of "30 Rock."

He also missed filming episodes for "30 Rock" in 2010, after receiving a kidney transplant. He has been the center of some controversy, usually pertaining to his humor that others did not appreciate. He was nominated for an Emmy award in 2009.