'Transformers 4' Set Attack Invalidated; Michael Bay Uninjured

"Transformers" director Michael Bay was rumored to have been assaulted on the set of his latest film in Hong Kong on Thursday.

The 48-year-old filmmaker was working on "Transformers: Age of Extinction" when he was allegedly approached by two brothers with the last name of Mak. They demanded HK$100,000 ($12,900) from the director, an early Reuters report claimed.

Although it was unclear why the brothers made the demand, the elder Mak brother was said to have attacked Bay as well as three police officers that tried to intervene. It was reported that Bay sustained injuries to the right side of his face after refusing to meet the cash demands, but refused treatment.

As for the assailants, both brothers were arrested- the younger on suspicion of blackmail and assault and the elder on suspicion of assault.

However, the rumors were cleared up in a statement to The New York Times later on Thursday.

"Contrary to several erroneous news reports made today, Bay did not get hurt in a fight on set," said the director's spokesperson.

While the director was uninjured, there was a "bizarre encounter" on the set of "Transformers 4."

"The production company did have a bizarre encounter with a man (allegedly under the influence of a narcotic substance) who was wielding an air conditioning unit as a weapon," the spokesperson explained.

The man in question attempted to strike Bay on the head, but fortunately the director was able to duck and avoid serious injury. Similar to the original report, the police became involved and arrested the assailant as well as two companions on Thursday, but no one on the cast or crew was injured.

In fact, production immediately resumed filming "without further incident," said the spokesperson.

With Shia LaBeouf quitting the franchise after starring in the three previously released "Transformers" movies, Mark Wahlberg stepped in for the fourth sequel.

"Age of Extinction" follows Cade [Wahlberg], an automobile mechanic who is forced to protect his teenage daughter from the Decepticons when he accidentally sets off the robot apocalypse.

The film also stars Nicola Peltz, Jack Raynor and "Hunger Games" actor Stanley Tucci. It is scheduled for release on June 27, 2014.