Trapped Firefighter Dies: 28-Year Veteran Killed in Texas

The body of a trapped firefighter was carried out of rubble on Tuesday following a fire that broke out in Dallas, Texas.

Firefighter Stanley Wilson was killed Monday during a six-alarm blaze at a Dallas condominium complex. Wilson was one of over 100 firefighters who responded to the 3 a.m. blaze at the Hearthwood North Condominiums.

The complex was covered in flames as help arrived. Firefighters attempted an offensive attack before the fire began to rapidly increase, forcing them onto the defense. Wilson entered the three-story complex during the initial push and became trapped. His death, in addition to other contributing factors, led officials to declare the fire a six-alarm blaze.

"When firefighters arrived at the location, there was lots of smoke coming from the roof of a three-story condominium building," the department said according to CNN. "An offensive fire attack was initially attempted, but the fire was growing too quickly and caused them to have to move out for a defensive attack."

At least five residents were rescued from the burning building, two of which were taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injury. Two additional firefighters were also taken to the hospital, but their injuries were not believed to be life threatening.

"He's a hero," Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said. "As I told his boys, they should be very proud."

Wilson reported in at around 5 a.m., alerting his team that he had become trapped and was unsure of where in the building he was. Efforts to rescue him were not successful. His body was discovered at around 9 a.m. and carried out of the complex, covered by an American flag. He was a 28-year-veteran of the department. Officials are still investigating a possible cause behind the fire.