Trash Man Surprises Autistic Boy With Toy Garbage Truck (VIDEO)

A mother is sharing the story of a very special day in her autistic son's life: the day he received a toy garbage truck from their local garbage man. So far the video and story has been shared over 40,000 times, leading to many heartfelt stories being shared and the special garbage man being honored by the company he works for.

(Photo: Facebook/Robin Newberger)'The Gift,' Daniel received was a toy garbage truck, much to his delight.

"One man, one moment, touching the life of an autistic child. Our hearts are overflowing," Robin Newberger posted on her Facebook page about the event. "There are already many who have watched this video who don't know us. Our son Daniel is 5. He has autism. What started out as a fear has turned into a fascination," Newberger wrote.

"I showed him a YouTube video of a garbage truck a couple of years ago and he's been obsessed ever since. Like many children on the autism spectrum, this has become a ritual for him. He loves the predictable movement of the hoist and is excited by the entire spectacle. He waits all week for Monday morning pickup," she added.

Newberger goes on to note that Daniel has made a friend in one of the men who operates the truck. The man is only known as Manuel and "always has a big smile for Daniel, who is faithfully waiting for him every Monday."

On one special occasion, Manuel showed up like normal but had a huge surprise for his biggest fan. As the video shot by Newberger shows, Daniel goes to watch the routine he loves and is surprised when Manuel begins to get out of the truck. He goes to his mother's side as Manuel approaches with a bag and hands it to him. Daniel appears somewhat take aback as his mother opens the package and reveals a brand-new toy garbage truck of his very own. Manuel simply smiles and gets back in his truck, continuing on his duty.

Newberger wanted to raise awareness of autism and share the touching story, which has now gone viral.

Newberger also shared that Manuel recently learned he will be honored for his kindness by his employer, E.J. Harrison & Sons.

Watch the full video here.