Travis Barker Threatens Swift Legal Action in Nude Photos Leak

Travis Barker warned a gossip website they would face some serious legal repercussions for posting naked photos of him online.

After the photos began circulated the web, the Blink-182 drummer's lawyer called it an "unauthorized use of private photos," the New York Daily news reported.

According to, the rock star's lawyers sent MeidaTakeOut a cease and desist letter on Wednesday, saying the graphic images must be removed immediately.

The pictures are five years old and were "never intended for public viewing or to be seen by anyone else," a source told TMZ.

Before the backlash, MediaTakeOut reported on an unnamed musician who allegedly sent the photographs to a lady friend, but never named Barker, 36. Fans of the rocker recognized the man in the photo as Barker because of his unique tattoos.

MediaTakeOut has since removed the story and images from their site, but the report had already been viewed over 400,000 times, the Daily News reported.

Fans also got a glimpse of the star's nakedness in the 1999 video for the popular Blink-182 song "What's my name again?" where Barker and his fellow band mates stripped almost nude and roamed the streets casually.