Trayvon Martin Prayers as Opening Statements Begin: 'His Smile Strengthens Us' (VIDEO)

Trayvon Martin Prayers as Opening Statements Begin: 'His Smile Strengthens Us' (VIDEO)

The parents of Trayvon Martin have renewed their requests for prayer as the opening statements in the case against George Zimmerman, charged with murdering the teen, begin on Monday.

Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin ask public to pray for their son during opening statements in case against George Zimmerman. | (PHOTO:Video Clip)

The Martin family lawyer, Benjamin Crump, began Monday's opening statements by addressing what he considered two major points of evidence in the case against George Zimmerman. Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman, stands accused of murdering the unarmed teen in February of 2012.

"There are two important facts in this case said Crump, "Number 1: George Zimmerman was a grown man with a gun. Number 2: Trayvon Martin was a minor who had no blood on his hands."

Zimmerman, 28, has cited self defense in the case. He alleges that he shot Martin in self-defense after being attacked by the 17-year-old.

"There was no trace of George Zimmerman's DNA found on Martin's hands or below his fingernails," Crump asserted. "We believe that the evidence is overwhelming to hold George Zimmerman accountable for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

Martin's parents also spoke during the opening statements, requesting prayers from the public in support of justice for her son and family.

"I am here today as Trayvon Martin's mother, as I have been everyday," Sybrina Fulton said Monday morning in a video released by the Associated Press. "I will be attending this court to try and get justice for my son. I ask that you pray for me and my family because I don't want any other mother to have to experience what I am going through now."

"We as a family look and cherish and hold on to the memories that Trayvon left us with," Trayvon's father, Tracy Martin continued. "As we enter the court room today seeking justice for our son we hold on to his smile which strengthens us and we ask that you all continue to pray for us."


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