Trayvon Martin's Mother Prayed to Jesus for Zimmerman's Arrest

Trayvon Martin's mother, Sybrina Fulton, has told reporters that she thanks Jesus Christ for the arrest of George Zimmerman in the fatal shooting of her son, at a news conference in Washington DC.

"We simply wanted an arrest, and we got it. And so I say 'Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus'," Fulton expressed at the Washington Convention Center. Zimmerman, 28, who was dropped by his attorneys on Monday after failing to contact them for more than two days, is set to be charged with second degree murder.

Prosecutor Angela Corey allegedly even called the parents and joined them in prayer before the announcement of Zimmerman's arrest, has reported. The volunteer neighborhood watch captain argued that he acted in self defense when he shot Martin, claiming that the teenager attacked him first. He initially evaded arrest based on Florida's Stand-Your-Ground law that allows people to defend themselves through lethal means in the event of a serious attack.

Martin's father, Tracy Martin, also got up on stage before the reporters at the press conference and revealed that ever since the first rally in support of his son he has walked with faith. "This is just the beginning," Martin said. "But we have faith."

The Rev. Al Sharpton, who has been a leading advocate for the arrest of Zimmerman and has stood by Martin's family from the beginning, shared the stage with them once again.

"This is not a time for high fives... these parents are still grieving. This is not a night for celebration, it's a night that never should have been." Sharpton declared.

Martin's family attend Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in Miami Gardens in Florida, Fulton shared with The Grio, and said that her son was a "momma's boy" and participated in youth activities at the church. She also admitted that Trayvon was not perfect, but had been a "praying teenager."

Zimmerman is set to appear in court for the first time on Thursday, April 12.