Treasure Hunter Says He Located Bin Laden's Body

A treasure hunter has put forth the claim that he knows where the body of Osama Bin Laden is and is currently trying to raise funds for the expedition.

Bill Warren, 67, a treasure hunter from California, stated that he still holds his doubts that the United States killed Bin Laden and buried him at sea. The government has not released any photographs as proof, which has only fueled skeptics.

Warren explained that the Bin Laden's body "is two hundred miles west of the Indian city of Surat." Warren stated that he was able to determine the location of the body by using satellite photographs recently released by the Navy.

A year ago the United States government revealed that Bin Laden was killed during a raid at a Pakistani compound where he had been living for years. The government stated that his identity was verified through DNA tests and that his body was placed in a weighted bag and buried at sea.

Warren believes that the body bag would have not moved that much knowing that the Navy had weighed down the bag so well, according to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

The treasure hunter is currently in the process of raising funds, which could be as much as $1 million in order to secure the deep-sea diving equipment that is needed.

"If we are successful and find him with sonar and recover him with a remote-operated vehicle, we'll recover the body in the bag and take photographs, video, and a DNA test -- maybe of his hair or his beard," Warren told ABC.

"This search will attempt to prove one way or the other that Bin Laden is dead," he said on his website. "Also, we will be able to provide true evidence that Bin Laden was killed if we can find his body."