Trey Songz Twitter Posts Reaffirm His Faith

Trey Songz, whose Christian faith has been questioned by some due to the sexualized content of his songs and performances, has participated in a Twitter trending topic that gave God reverence on Wednesday.

The trending topic, “God Loves You,” was the subject of many tweets when Songz decided to take part.

“GOD LOVES YOU,” the singer tweeted with exclamation points on Wednesday.

The message was not the first time Songz tweeted about God or his faith. In Sept. 2010, the award-winning R&B singer used the social network as an opportunity to praise God.

“Thank God for another day,” Songz tweeted. “He's magnificent, receiving blessing after blessing and praying for humility through it all."

Despite some of the singer’s suggestive lyrics, he maintains many Christian fans who have continued to show him support on his website and various social networks. On his official website, one fan started a message board post titled “Let’s Pray For Trey.”

MsAngiONE initially created the message board thread over one year ago in hopes of keeping the singer grounded in Christ.

“We all know that that Trey has a immense amount of Faith and recognizes his blessings as he is living in them right now. Which is what I LOVE MOST ABOUT him. We also know that some blessings can pull us aways from God,” MsAngiONE wrote. “All of Trey's fan's who believe in God, lets make this discussion worth wide. Lets start encouraging him to stay prayed-up, knowledgeable in God's Word and to maintain his relationship with Christ.”

Since its creation over a year ago, the message board has featured hundreds of prayers and affirmations based on Christ for the singer. Songz posting about the goodness of God managed to get over 100 Re-tweets within the hour of him posting on the social media network.

The singer is currently touring in Africa, and gearing up for his next album tentatively titled “Chapter 5” according to Ghana Web.