Triplets All in Jail, Family Reunited Behind Bars

A set of triplets are all in jail and could spend time in the same facility after Deshawn and Juronn Shrivers were convicted of unarmed robbery. The last member of the set, Devon, has been in prison since 2011; they are likely to soon be reunited at the same prison.

The triplets "have been members of the 'Sunny Side' gang for years, and that includes siblings and family members," according to Saginaw Police Sgt. Terry Carpenter. Carpenter spoke with ABC News and said that the triplets also have an older brother who was behind bars until his release in August.

Sanford Shivers, 30, was convicted of and pleaded guilty to obstructing and resisting police, assault with intent to do great bodily harm, and felony weapons charges. His younger siblings, however, were convicted of other charges including home invasion, multiple weapons charges, and unarmed robbery.

Devon, Deshawn and Juronn are likely to be reunited behind bars, which is most unusual for families. Police have been trying to capture all the members of the "Sunny Side" gang for some time and said in a statement that they were "elated by the recent convictions of Deshawn and Juronn Shivers and hope that they receive a stern sentence by the sentencing court judge," ABC News reported.

The brothers are only 21 years old yet face serious time behind bars. Deshawn and Juronn are likely to do up to 15 years for their crimes, while Devon has been sentenced to stay in prison until 2043. If reunited, they will all be able to celebrate their birthdays together next month.

While police are "elated" at the arrests and convictions, some members of the public see them in a different light. It's more of a tragedy that an entire set of siblings will spend years in prison together.

"They may have parents, but my guess is no parenting was involved in their upbringing," noted Daily Mail reader Cindy.

"Ya'll should look in the mirror before trying to judge others. Take a step back and look at your own life," added zcruz21.