Troubling Truths About Hell

 The reality of hell is difficult to accept, but we can't fully understand God and His world unless we grapple with it, says N.C. megachurch Pastor J.D. Greear, who has started a blog series on the doctrine of hell, a topic over which he once almost lost his faith.

"For years I've felt that if you were to give me a Bible, a divine eraser, and ten minutes, I would take hell out of the Bible," writes the pastor of The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, N.C., in the first of a five-part series for "Between the Times," the official blog of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

"As a young Christian, when I began to learn about hell and its implications, I almost lost my faith. It was that disturbing," admits Greear, but added that a Christian must grapple with it.