'True Detective' Season 2 Cast News: 4 New Lead Characters Including Vince Vaughn

Previous casting rumors surrounding the upcoming second season of HBO's "True Detective" purported that Colin Farrell will be in one of the lead roles together with Taylor Kitsch, who formerly emerged as another possible frontrunners. Now, latest rumors speculated that the "Wedding Crashers" star Vince Vaughn will join the casting calls.

Reuters/File'Delivery Man' actor Vince Vaughn rumored role for HBO's True Detective season 2.

Nic Pizzolatto, the creator of the series, recently said in an interview that the new season will see four lead roles – 3 male leads and a female.

Mashable has confirmed that although there have been no official negotiations that took place yet, Deadline, reports that "The Internship" actor will take a villainous role. It was purportedly said that that the 44-year-old actor will be playing a man with "mob ties."

TVLine first reported Vaughn's involvement with "True Detective." The show's airing date hasn't yet been officially set.

Other casting speculations pointed out names like "Lawless" star Jessica Chastain and "World War Z" actor Brad Pitt being attached to the upcoming show project.

HBO president Michael Lombardo, however, told reporters during the 2014 Summer TCA Press Tour that official casting announcements could be heard any day this month. He also revealed that there are already scripts submitted.

"The two scripts we have are, I hate to jinx it, but are more exciting than the first season," Lombardo said. "(Nic Pizzolatto has) blown us away with the first two episodes."

Matthew McConaughney and Woody Harrelson previously starred in the first season of which the roles have both earned them Emmy nominations for the dark drama.