Trump's UN Speech Was 'Answer to the Prayers' of Many, Church Must Keep Praying: James Robison

(Screengrab: The Gathering)James Robison is the founder and president of LIFE Outreach International, speaks at The Gathering held at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas, September 21, 2016.

A noted evangelist said President Donald Trump's U.N. speech might represent the coming of one the "greatest miracles" the world has ever seen — the nations coming together on a global level.

In a video posted on his Facebook page Tuesday, James Robison, founder of LIFE Outreach International, said he believes that Trump's speech at the United Nations was an "answer to the prayers of deeply concerned people."

"And I believe that if we will continue to pray for those in authority, we may see one of the greatest miracles we have ever witnessed and that would be nations coming together to actually be the United Nations."

He urged all Christians to become one in Christ and one with one another and continue to intercede for the United Nations, and for miracles in the midst of brewing crises around the world.

"Pray for God to give us wisdom to know how to diffuse this horrible, deceived, very dangerous individual in North Korea and of course several other countries that are a menace and a danger to the whole free world. Lets pray 'God, have your way.'"

During the president's U.N. speech, his first to that body, Trump signaled to North Korea that he might have no other choice but to "totally destroy" their nation. The North Korean ambassador reportedly walked out of the room before his speech began, according to reports.

Robison continued, "Many of you have wondered if President Trump could actually deliver the kind of message that you heard, and actually believe what he said, and then stand for it and lead us in a positive direction." He acknowledged that Trump was not the candidate that most Christians would have picked but they ultimately knew that the current direction they were headed was not sustainable.

The evangelist also noted that Trump was his "last choice" among the field of presidential candidates but that God supernaturally led him to the New York businessman a year ago and since then their relationship has only grown. Out of all the candidates that solicited his counsel and wisdom, Trump has received him most graciously, he said.

"I sensed that he really wanted to know what was best for the American people." he recounted. "I actually watched a man change. A man that has been caught up in the American dream, caught up in his own dream, suddenly became concerned about the true American dream, freedom and opportunity for everybody."

He believes the entire Trump family is consumed with this particular concern but everything depends on whether or not the president will keep heeding wisdom.

The Church, however, must keep praying, Robison said.

"And if we will come to [God] in repentance, and rend our hearts," he said, referring to Joel 2:25, "that He will make up the years that the locusts — the horrible swarm of consuming locust that destroyed their prosperity, He said he'll make up the years the locusts have eaten.

"I think we're seeing prayers answered."

Trump has reportedly continued to seek wisdom and prayer from Robison. Robison is among the closest of spiritual advisers to the president, having flown with him on his campaign plane, and has ridden in a Secret Service-accompanied SUV. He was also the minister who preached at St. John's Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C., the morning of Trump's inauguration on Jan. 20.

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