TV Anchor Fired: NBC Anchor AJ Clemente Drops 'F-Bomb' in First Broadcast (VIDEO)

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(Photo: KFYR Screen Shot)TV anchor, AJ Clemente, has been suspended after dropping the "F-Bomb" just seconds into his very first broadcast.

A TV anchor has been fired after his first newscast after dropping the "F-bomb" live on air.

It is a well known rule in newscasting that you should not curse once you step out in front of the camera, because you never know when the microphone will be turned on.

That's a lesson anchor A.J. Clemente has had to learn the hard way after cursing live to the KFYR audience at the weekend. KFYR is an NBC station in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Just seconds into his first anchoring role Clemente said under his breath, ""F****** s***."

His co-anchor stumbled as she introduced him, distracted by the curse, which she realized everyone had heard: "You may have seen our newest reporter A.J. on North Dakota News, and he'll be joining the weekend news team as my co-anchor."

Clemente also flustered then started to introduce himself, saying that he was excited to be there, and that he was a West Virginia University grad from the east coast. Although as he attempted to give that information he became almost incomprehensible, saying: "I'm used to from being the East Coast."

He quickly then launched into his story about an ATV crash.

However, the damage had been done.

Right after the broadcast Clemente took to his social media account on Twitter to write: "That couldn't have gone any worse!"

He was right, and in the aftermath of his faux pas he was suspended as the new anchor.

Director Monica Hannan later posted a statement online: "We can't take back what was said … all we can do at this point is ask for your forgiveness."

Another 10 p.m. newscast was put out later with his co-anchor, Van Tieu, in place, but obviously with Clemente missing. The co-anchor opened up the segment with an on air apology for the earlier incident.

"We were caught off guard and [Clemente] didn't realize his microphone was on. And while that was no excuse - we do train our reporters to always assume that any microphone is live at any time - unfortunately we cannot take back what was said. But, we do apologize and hope that you may forgive us and rest assured, that something like this will not happen again.," she said.

Clemente also offered his own apologies through his Twitter on April 22.

"Tough day,Thanks for the support,We all make mistakes. Im truly sorry for mine. I'll try my hardest to come back better and learn from this."

However, he was not given the opportunity to come back this time, and the network's response was quick. Clemente later posted: "Unfortunately KFYRTV has decided to let me go. Thank you to them and everyone in ND for the opportunity and everyone for the support," he said.

Here is a video of the incident, although please do not play if offended by profanity (WARNING: Strong Language Used):