TWICE Mina Death Threats Latest News: Mina Myoui Pursues Legal Action Against Online Offender Despite Apology

Korean star TWICE Mina Myoui recently received a death threat from a member of Ilbe, a far-right online community. The unidentified person supposedly posted hate-filled comments directed towards the star and then threatened to kill the member of the girl group over her boyfriend.

YouTube/K TwiceTWICE's Mina received a death threat online and she's taking action.

One post included a photo showing a large kitchen knife over a wrist to scare Myoui. The poster also reportedly said Myoui would be murdered if she didn't inflict violence on her boyfriend.

Myoui's talent studio, JYP Entertainment, urged the star to file a legal action against the offender despite a report that the person involved already apologized. "I wrote the post without considering that it would be a threat to the person directly involved and cause fear," the handwritten apology stated. "I would like to ask for forgiveness as I pathetically apologize to Mina and TWICE's fans after belatedly realizing that this resulted in great shock."

JYP Entertainment won't take any chances, however, even as it was supposedly just a practical joke. The agency said it's exploring both criminal and civil suits against the offender.

The TWICE star isn't the first to received grave harassments online as a growing number of stars have been subjected to these incidents online. In April, pop star IU, through the help of her talent agency Fave Entertainment, lodged a legal complaint against a YouTube user for verbal abuse and sexual harassment. The offender later posted a video apology owning up to the misdeed. Fave Entertainment, however, said it will still pursue the case in court.

If the court finds cause or guilt, those who make online threats in South Korea could be jailed for three years and fined $4,400 (5 million won). In the past, talent agencies do the quiet route in settling lawsuits like this but as the problem is growing, they stars and their managers are fighting back and making the cases known. Perhaps raising awareness will help curb the bullying.