Twilight Birthing Scene Seizures Cause Concern Among 'Breaking Dawn' Moviegoers

Reports have emerged that the “Twilight Breaking Dawn” birth scene has caused seizures among a number of moviegoers. It is thought that the problem has mostly emerged in those that may suffer from photosensitive epilepsy.

The controversial and gory birth scene shows Kristen Stewart as Bella giving birth to Edward’s (played by Robert Pattinson) baby. However, the scene shows a flashing white light, and it appears that those flashes occur at just the right frequency to cause neurons in the brain to deviate from their usual synch.

Those with epilepsy are significantly more prone to seizures. A number of things can trigger off a seizure such as fatigue, alcohol, infections and certain medications.

Some experts have expressed surprise that the scene in question has caused seizures as the flashing effect is quite subtle. However, those that do start to feel unwell or dizzy during the birth scene are advised to stay seated and to cover their eyes with their hands or with an item of clothing. However, that may not be entirely effective as the retina is still sensitive to flashing light even with the eyelids closed.

It is unclear whether the movie’s producers will add a disclaimer to warn those about the dangers of photosensitive epilepsy in the film, or whether they plan to modify the frequency of the flashing scene.