Twilight Shooting Plot Foiled by Suspect's Mother: Blaec Lammers Had Mental History?

Blaec Lammers, 20, was charged Friday with first-degree assault, making a terroristic threat and armed criminal action after it was revealed that he had plotted a James Holmes copycat shooting during "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2."

Lammers was reported to police by his mother, who believed that her son had "intentions of shooting people." A look into Lammer's past unveiled that he was previously committed after making threats against a Wal-Mart clerk in 2009.

In that incident Lammers allegedly followed a clerk around the store. He was detained by police and while he was not charged he was committed for 96 hours to undergo a mental health examination. After police arrested Lammers, his motive was listed as "off medications" according to Huffington Post. It has not yet been stated what condition Lammers suffered from or what kind of medication he was on.

Lammer's original plan allegedly involved a copycat of the shooting that took place in Aurora, Colorado during the "Dark Knight Rises." He had however allegedly altered his plan after deciding that it would be more effective to target a Wal-Mart store where he could reload on ammunition if necessary. Lammers had purchased two assault riffles and hundreds of bullets according to the Huff Post.

His plan was to "just start shooting people at random" at a Walmart store less than a mile away from his home in Bolivar, Missouri. After running out of ammunition Lammers suggested that he would "just break the glass where the ammunition is being stored and get some more and keep shooting until police arrived," according to the investigative report.

Before the planned date of the shooting Lammers had also gone to Aldrich to practice shooting because he "had never shot a gun before and wanted to make sure he knew how they shot and how they functioned."