Twins Give Birth the Same Day to Sons, by the Same Doctor (PHOTO)

Two identical twin mothers in Ohio have given birth to sons on the same day.

Aimee and Ashlee Nelson share more than just a name ending with double "ee." The two sisters are identical twins and both gave birth on Monday to a son.

Donavyn Scott Bratten was born at 12:11 p.m. Monday afternoon, according to the Akron Beacon Journal. His cousin, Aiden Lee Alan Dilts, was born just a couple of hours later via the same doctor, Laura Schnegg.

The sisters stated that they did not plan on having the babies at the same time. In fact, their due dates were set about a week a part. But on New Year's Day, both 19-year-old girls had something to celebrate, and their family was happy to celebrate as well.

"Even the babies had things under the trees," the newborns' grandmother, Marcella Farson, told the local Ohio paper. "They got little outfits, snowsuits, rattles, little toys, and they got their first Hot Wheels cars. They weren't even here yet and they got their first gifts from Santa."

The mother to the girls relayed that the sisters had always had a habit of sharing the same tastes, even after she let them explore their own "individuality."

"When they got to their individuality stage, I allowed them to do what they wanted - and they did for the most part," Farson said. "But the funny part is that nine times out of 10, one would come home with one thing purple and the other one would do the same thing but pink."

For Farson, having both of her daughters pregnant at the same time was both a joy and curse. She admitted that she got a lot of late night phone calls.

"Within the past two months, me being the mother, I would get a whiny phone call in the middle of the night on what's going on and I would hang the phone up and literally five minutes later I would have the other one crying," she told