Twins Named Obama and Romney: Kenya Mother Celebrates US Election

Twins Named Obama and Romney: Kenya Mother Celebrates US Election

A young mother from Kenya has named her new, twin boys after Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

Millicent Owuor made headlines on the Internet after giving birth to two twin boys and naming them after the President and his competition. The boys were born Wednesday at the Siaya District Hospital in southwest Kenya, according to the Standard. The 20-year-old mother named one Mitt Romney and the other Barack Obama, in order to always remember the U.S. elections.

But Owuor is not the only one in Kenya who is celebrating Obama's victory.The hospital is located nearby Obama's ancestral home village of Kogelo, where his "Granny" was allegedly partying and doing a victory dance for her grandson.

"Take the great job that people have given to you and lead them well," Sarah Obama advised her relative, according to The San Francisco Gate. "They have shown immense love to have voted for you."

"The community is happy. The community is waking up from their sleep to come and celebrate," Kennedy Rajula, the president's cousin added.

The Prime Minister of Kenya also acknowledged Obama's win, adding that his victory was also one for Kenya.

"Obama's victory has proved that it was not a fluke the first time round, that the American society has changed, that the people of America have now, basically living the American dream of a people who are united by race, by religion, by ethnicity and so on," Prime Minister Raila Odinga told the Associated Press . "People are prepared to work together to build their country."

Odinga also complimented the United States for its "issue based" elections, adding that Kenya should follow its example.

"This is what we should learn from these elections, American elections, and try to see if we cannot replicate it here in Kenya, that we move away from personality based campaigns or ethnic based campaigns and move toward issue-based campaigns," Odinga said.


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