Twins Rubber Bands Video Goes Viral as Twins Laugh Hysterically at Rubber Bands (VIDEO, PHOTO)

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(Photo: YouTube Screen Shot)A video of twins playing with rubber bands, laughing hysterically, has gone viral on the Internet.

Two twins have lit up the Internet in a viral video this week, showing them playing with rubber bands.

The video is about two minutes long and has had thousands in fits of laughter across the world. The video shows one twin wearing a blue t-shirt and another just in a diaper. The two of them are apparently in the kitchen of their family home playing with rubber bands, bursting into fits of laughter.

The twins each have a rubber band and are concentrating on tying them to the handles of the kitchen cabinets. Both are giggling continuously as they tie their rubber bands on to the handles, before pulling them down and letting them go – firing them up and onto the floor before they burst into giggles.

At one point, one of the twins falls down as he loses his footing after laughing so hard at the rubber bands.

The video has gone viral on the Internet and has even been featured among the trending stories on Internet search engines, allowing thousands more to see the amazingly cute video.

No matter what your mood, the video below is sure to bring a smile to your face, and the twins will likely have all viewers laughing and giggling along with them.