Twins Separated at Birth Reunited After 26 Years Thanks to Social Media

Twin sisters separated at birth and adopted by families on different continents have been reunited after 26 years. Anais and Samantha found each other online and reunited in London and have been getting to know one another as sisters and friends.

"On February 21, 2013, I got a message on Facebook from a girl in London," Samantha told "Good Morning America." "It said she had seen me in a YouTube video and then after looking up my name online saw we were both adopted. When I saw her profile it was crazy – she looked just like me."

As it turned out, Anais had watched a video that Samantha had posted to You Tube about what it felt like to be adopted. She decided to message Samantha, who responded with information about her birthplace, a city in South Korea, and the two decided to speak "in person" via Skype.

(Photo: Facebook/FacebookStories)Twin sisters reunited after 26 years.

"It was weird," Samantha said of that initial meeting, "but I feel like there was a strange calm and comfort as well, and something that I can't really explain. We talked for three hours. Yeah, like so much and then she's like, I have to pee. I got to go, I got to go, too."

The twins then met up in London, where Anais works as a fashion designer. From there, they decided to go to Los Angeles and meet Samantha's family. They also made the trek back to their birthplace in South Korea, which was especially meaningful for them. And now they are going public with their story, appearing on "Good Morning America" and telling their story as part of Facebook Stories.

Samantha is also trying to gather funding to make a documentary about the girls' experience. They need $80,000 and have so far raised $67,768 through donations on Kickstarter. The documentary will be a follow-up, and more in-depth look at the twins' stories and how they met.