'Twisted' ABC Family Premiere: 'It's Got a Lot of Twists and Turns,' Says Denise Richards

Last night's 10 p.m. premiere of ABC's Family's new teen drama "Twisted" set a darker tone for the channel than viewers are particularly used to.

The show centers around Danny Desai, played by Avan Jogia. The premiere focus on Danny's return to his hometown from a five-year stint in prison, which he earned by murdering his aunt. The show does not give us many details as to that murder, and there seems to be some mystery as to why Danny murdered her.

During the first episode of "Twisted," Danny attends a party at which someone is murdered. Almost everyone suspects Danny as the killer.

The show also deals with more down-to-earth teenage problems like friendships, dating, and parental relationships, according to Newsday.

The most recognizable actress on the show is Denise Richards, who plays Danny's mother. She discussed her role and the show with Fox News.

"It's got a lot of twists and turns. It's got some mystery to it, it's very different from anything ABC Family has done, which I was surprised by when I read the script, and I loved how they pushed the envelope with it," she said.

"My character used to be a socialite, very popular and then her son did something really awful and her entire life was turned upside down. The son gets out of juvie and they're trying to put their lives back together," Richards continued. "It's been a very difficult transition trying to go from being the person that everyone loved, to being ridiculed and everyone talking about them and trying to fit back into their small town."

The teen-focused, darker-than-usual ABC family show is expected by many to draw the same audience as "Pretty Little Liars," according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

"Twisted" airs on ABC Family on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. after "Pretty Little Liars."