Twitter Fans Want 'Justice for Michael Jackson,' Seek Guilty Verdict in Dr. Conrad Murray Trial

As the jury deliberates the fate of Dr. Conrad Murray, the cardiologist facing involuntary manslaughter in the death of pop superstar Michael Jackson, fans of the late singer are taking to Twitter to express their hopes for a guilty verdict.

"Justice for Michael Jackson" was one of the top trending topics on the site today.

"This is not just justice for Michael Jackson," tweeted jayenere. "This is justice for anyone who loved him. Including the fans... we are without b/c of Conrad!"

User omgakeem wrote, "Parents lost their son, children lost their father, siblings lost their brother, & millions lost their hero. ♥ JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL JACKSON."

After six weeks of testimony from police, crime scene investigators, medical experts, former employees of Jackson and former patients and girlfriends of Murray, the trial culminated in closing arguments yesterday from Prosecutor David Walgren and Defense Attorney Ed Chernoff.

Murray was hired as Jackson's personal physician to oversee his care during what was to be his last world tour. The doctor allegedly injected Jackson with 100mg of Propofol, four times the amount that a person may ingest safely, in order to help the pop star sleep. The prosecution contends that not only was Conrad wrong to administer the anesthetic drug, which is only meant to be used in a hospital setting, but also that he is responsible for Jackson's death because he was not properly monitoring the star's condition and delayed making a 911 call for 20 minutes after realizing Jackson was not breathing

In addition, Dr. Alon Steinberg testified for the prosecution that the methods Murray used to try to revive Jackson during that time, such as CPR and chest compressions, were completely inappropriate for the situation.

The prosecution contended Murray was trying to cover up his mistakes and only thinking about himself, not what was best for his patient.

However, the defense claimed that not only was the evidence in the crime scene collected in a shoddy manner, but that Jackson administered the fatal dose of propofol to himself.

Fans on Twitter also expressed their anger at Murray.

"IF MJ was merely an addict then what does that make Conrad Murray?" asked DrJCBenjamin. "Answer: A drug dealer with a medical license that caused his death."