Twitter Is Down; No Reason Given for Sudden Outage

Twitter users may have noticed the popular social media site was down Thursday morning due to being "over capacity." Administrators have confirmed as much, although no reason was given for the sudden outage.

Shortly before noon EST Thursday, the Twitter status page showed the following message: "Users may be experiencing issues accessing Twitter. Our engineers are currently working to resolve the issue."

Users trying to log onto the network may have seen a message reading: "Twitter is currently down for <%= reason %>. We expect to be back in <%= deadline %>. For more information, check out Twitter Status. Thanks for your patience!"

Twitter has experienced several outages this past year, with three alone last month. On June 21, during what was described as its biggest outage of the year, the social media site blamed a "cascading bug" for the global crash. It took the network about an hour to initially restore service, but then Twitter crashed at least two more times before finally being fully restored.

There was no reported link to difficulties experienced by Google users Thursday morning trying to use the company's popular Talk (formerly Chat) client, which had become a trending topic on the social media network.

Around 6:40 a.m., Google confirmed that there were issues with the Talk application, but about five hours later confirmed that the application was back online and functioning.

"The problem with Google Talk should be resolved," it was noted on the App Status Dashboard. "We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and continued support. Please rest assured that system reliability is a top priority at Google, and we are making continuous improvements to make our systems better."

It was not immediately clear when Twitter would be back online for its more than 140 million users, who reportedly tweet 340 million times a day.