Two American Tourists Assaulted, Gang-Raped in India and Brazil

Two female American tourists were violently attacked and gang-raped while traveling abroad, in two separate and unrelated incidents. One abduction took place in Brazil, while another occurred in India; both women survived the attack and are assisting police in the cases against the multiple assailants.

An American student on vacation with her boyfriend in Rio de Janeiro was held for six hours. She and her boyfriend boarded a public transport van and were violently attacked soon after. The student was beaten and raped, while her boyfriend was hit with a crowbar, shackled, and forced to watch the attacks.

"The victims described everything in great detail, mostly the sexual violence. Just how they described the facts was shocking– the violence and brutality. It surprised even us, who work in security and are used to hearing such things," Officer Rodrigo Brant told the Globo TV network. "Their report shocked us."

Three young men were taken into custody after the young woman reported the crime. They were all in their early twenties and are believed to be associated with other crimes in the area.

"The characteristics of both crimes… lead us to believe that they [the suspects] wanted to have a 'party of evil,'" commanding officer Alexandre Braga said. "The principal motive appears to have been the satisfaction of their lust."

Meanwhile, in an unrelated incident, a young tourist hitch-hiking at night in northern India was picked up by three men and taken to an isolated area. She was then raped by all three men; thankfully she was able to alert authorities and was taken to a local hospital, where the sexual assault was confirmed by doctors.

"Her condition is stable, and she is accompanied by two women constables," a local police inspector, who declined to be identified, told Reuters. "All medical help has been given, and the doctors have been taking care of her. We have told her we are like family and are available for any help."

Three young men were questioned and released by authorities, but that is all the government is saying at this time.

"We are in contact with authorities, but due to issues of privacy, we have no further comment," Peter Vrooman, spokesman for the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi, told Reuters in an email.

The attacks bring back memories of the December rape and death of a young Indian woman. Even though doctors did all they could, the young woman succumbed to her injuries, bringing new light to a problem rampant throughout the country. Since then, her six assailants have been in prison; one was found dead in his cell. The remaining men are still awaiting trial.