'Two and a Half Men' Cast 2013 to Include Gay Character

The very popular CBS sitcom "Two and a Half Men" is set to add a new character to the cast, Charlie Harper's daughter. But in an unexpected twist, the daughter will be a lesbian, and the first homosexual character on the show.

The character will be 21 years old, will have recently moved from New York to Los Angeles, and will be "sexy and gorgeous," according to Entertainment Weekly.

The character, named Jenny, "likes everything her dad liked, including women," Us Weekly reports. And it appears that her sexuality will come into play in the show as Jenny "uses her hotness when she needs to."

Is the "Two And A Half Men" audience ready to accept a gay character? It seems producers are not sure, as it is not yet clear whether or not Jenny will be brought on as a recurring role. Producers have said they want to see how the audience reacts before casting her full time, Entertainment Weekly reported.

The role of Jenny is yet to be cast, and it is unclear who the network will get to play Charlie's lesbian daughter.

A source close to "Two and a Half Men" told E! online that executive producer Chuck Lorre is considering the possibility of casting "everyone from big name A-listers to newcomers."

Adding a long-lost daughter role to the show appears to be an attempt to make up for the absence of Angus T. Jones. The young comedy star who plays Jake Harper will have a diminished role on the show, as he is starting college this year.

"[He can] explore college at this point in his life and when he's on a break, we'll try and scoop him up and put him on the show every chance we get," producer Chuck Lorre said.