'Two And A Half Men' Season 11 Premiere Tonight: Charlie's Daughter Jenny Joins Cast (SPOILERS)

The new season of "Two And A Half Men" premieres tonight, and a new cast member will be joining the show. Amber Tamblyn will be guest starring in a recurring role in the 11th season of "Two and A Half Men." She will play Jenny, Charlie Harper's long lost daughter, and will appear in at least five episodes. See what the actress has to say about joining the show, but be cautious of spoilers.

Tamblyn recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss her new role on "Two and a Half Men."

Tamblyn describes her character Jenny as "a fun, playful, debaucherous character. She's unapologetic and enjoys drinking Ashton Kutcher's character [Walden] under the table. Literally, at some point, he's gonna be under the table, and there'll be a joke about that."

Tamblyn is new to sitcom acting, and she discussed how she ended up on "Two and A Half Men"

"It sort of just fell into my lap, not to say I didn't work for it. I got a call about it and heard about the character. I thought it sounded so interesting and so different and could be really fun. I instantly had a take on who the character should be, whether or not that's what they wanted, I knew what I could do with it, and that translated. It was a great meeting and reading with [creator] Chuck Lorre, [star] Jon Cryer, and [producer] Jim Patterson. We all just got along great. It was a great reading. I think they were super into what I did, and that was basically it," she said.

The "Two And A Half Men" premiere airs tonight at 9:30 p.m. on CBS.