'Two Car' Episode 2 Spoilers: Will Love Rivals and Sports Teammates Megumi and Yuri Ever Reconcile?

Tokyo MX Official SiteKey visual art for the original Japanese sports anime series, “Two Car,” created by Silver Link as part of their 10th anniversary project.

Megumi Meguro and Yuri Miyata's quest for kneeler racing excellence begins on what looks to be shaky grounds on the Japanese sports anime series, "Two Car."

The premiere episode took audiences to the island of Miyakejime, where a type of motorbike racing event known as kneeler racing has brought together two girls who couldn't be any more different.

Kneeler racing is a type of motorbike racing that involves a sidecar that has a passenger driver who uses her body in order to help with the vehicles traction control. Megumi and Yuri are among the best, if not the best, in their island when it comes to this sport, all thanks to Coach Tanahashi, who has since left for the Isle of Man to pursue his own racing dreams.

So, when the season-starting exhibition race for the Girls' High School Racing Kneeler National Tournament came to the island, Megumi and Yuri were among the favorites to win. But although they did manage to catch up with the other contenders aboard their racing vehicle, Ashitabamaru, a conflict between them may just end up tearing them apart in the next episode.

Apparently, the two girls have both fallen in love with their coach, and have at one time written him a note asking to meet up at the same place. This has since caused the two of them to be at odds with each other, which initially affected their teamwork in the exhibition race.

Will they be able to move past this matter and reconcile, if only for the sake of making it to the National Tournament? Or will their rivalry on the same vehicle be the unexpected key to their eventual success?

"Two Car" airs on Saturdays at midnight JST on AT-X and on Mondays at late night 12:30 a.m. JST on Tokyo MX, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, and BS Fuji. Episodes will also be simulcast in selected regions outside Japan via Crunchyroll.