Two-Headed Bird With Three Beaks Found In Massachusetts

A Massachusetts woman was left stunned after finding a two headed bird with three beaks in her backyard.

April Britt of Northampton was drawn to the bird when she heard strange noises in her backyard, according to ABC 40.

"My husband says 'Oh my God. Look at this poor thing! That's an oddity if I ever saw one'," Britt told ABC.

Britt then took several photographs of the creature and left it for a few hours, but when she returned the Bird, which was initially found perched on a branch, was lying helplessly on the ground.

She then placed the bird in a tree because she feared that a nearby Cat would harm it, but the following morning the deformed creature had disappeared.

Britt, an animal lover, has lived in her home for 26 years and said that this was the first time that she had ever seen the unusual bird.

She now fears that it is unlikely to survive due to its deformity and experts say that chances of its survival are "very slim."

"It is very, very rare to find a bird like this. I have seen only one other similar case to this in the past 30 years," Valerie Osborne of The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) said.

"I would say its chances of survival are very slim. It is difficult to see how it could feed," she added.

Osborne also went on to explain that the bird is likely to be abandoned by its parents if it weakens.

"It has obviously been fed by its parents but if it weakens then they would probably abandon it and I think it would then have no chance of being able to feed itself," Osborne said.

It is unclear what causes deformities in birds, although some experts believe that certain viruses and exposure to certain chemicals may be responsible.