Two-Headed Snake Has Directional Issues: When 2 Heads Aren't Better Than 1 (VIDEO)

A double-headed snake turned up in South Carolina after two children unveiled the unusual creature at school; and unlike other snakes with a similar dilema, this double-headed snake is particularly unique.

Two children at Greenwood County, South Carolina showed up at school with a rather unusual show-and-tell pet. More than just a typical snake that many a young boy might carry around in his pocket, this snake has two heads.

But wait, there's more. Apparently two-headed snakes, considered to be something like Siamese twins, are not all that rare. This snake, however, is particular because instead of having two heads side by side, it has a head on each end.

Savanna Logan and her brother, Preston, were given the snake three weeks ago according to Fox 8 News, and have been showing it off ever since. The children's grandfather took the snake to Ware Shoals High School biology department, where he was told that the snake appeared to be a "rough earth snake."

Such a snake is harmless according to the report, and eats mostly slugs and snails. But two heads aren't always better than one, and this snake appears to have directional issues.

"One head's bigger and one's more dominant than the other, but they both seem to control the body, the main head will do one thing then the other part is trying to go the opposite direction," said Savanna Logan's mother Tina Stewart.

The children's grandfather has also stated that on multiple occasions, the snake will head in one direction, stop to think, and then move back in the other direction.

At most, the snake will grow 10 inches and thus far the children have been permitted to keep it.