Two Severed Heads Discovered in Mexico City

Two severed heads have been found along a highway in Mexico’s capital, Mexico City, near the country's Ministry of Defense Monday.

Both heads belonged to men and were accompanied with a note from the “Mano con Ojos” or the “Hands with Eyes” drug gang. The former leader of the gang was detained in Aug., however the violence fueled by the gang has yet to subside.

Police are now searching for the missing bodies.

One head was found on the roof of a pickup truck and the other was found on the sidewalk near the Defense Ministry.

Mexico City has largely been spared of the horrific drug violence, which has been haunting Mexican cities and towns for years now.

The discovery of the two heads, followed the uncovering of five heads last week in the resort city of Acapulco and last month’s dumping of 35 bodies in Veracruz, Mexico.

Today’s discovery is significant in that it is the first time that the capital has witnessed multiple decapitations since January 2008.

Eric Olson, a security expert at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars’ Mexico Institute in Washington told CNN, “Mexico City has been surprisingly calm in the midst of the turbulence of this conflict with organized crime, while other major cities are experiencing major upturns in violence.”

He added, “It hasn’t exploded the way it has (elsewhere). There’s always that fear of that happening, because there’s nothing to guarantee that it won’t.”

Last week’s Acapulco discovery was found near a local primary school and reportedly occurred in full view of students and pedestrians.

As a result of the fears plaguing Acapulco, over 100 schools in the area have been closed since last month and dozens of teachers have gone on strike.

Mexico’s war on drugs is rapidly expanding and offering new challenges. Large laboratories are being discovered by Mexican police, in addition to people being murdered daily throughout the country over drug-fueled violence.

Since the Mexican government has launched its war on drug cartels, over 42,000 people have been killed in the war on drugs.