Tyra Banks Teaches Fallon to Model: My Wife is Going to Kill Me, Says Host (VIDEO)

Tyra Banks Teaches Fallon to Model: My Wife is Going to Kill Me, Says Host (VIDEO)

In promotion of her show's upcoming debut, Tyler Banks made an appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show where she instructed the late-night host on how to model.

Tyra Banks teaches Fallon to model. | (PHOTO:YouTubeClip/E!)

The coming season of "Top Model" will debut on August 3rd and, for the first time ever, add male models to the cast of hopeful winners. Banks appeared on Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night to talk about the new show's format. During the interview, Fallon questioned the 39-year-old former super model on how to model. Banks started by suggesting a mint.

"The first thing that we need to do is have mints because you don't want funk breath," Banks said.

For the lesson, Banks attempted to teach Fallon how to show "passion" in a shoot so the photo comes out more convincing. Starting the lesson, Banks instructed Fallon to put a firm hand on her arm.

"It's important to have tension," she told him. "I'll need to feel the tension. Squeeze my arm where you actually see the indentions in my flesh."

As Fallon reached a timid hand towards the model and placed it on her upper arm, she instructed him to squeeze "harder."

"I want you to feel the goodness," she said.

As the two stood closer at Bank's request, Fallon suggested that his wife would not appreciate the lesson.

"My wife is going to kill me!" he told the model.

But Banks appeared unaffected and reassured the talk show host by informing him that it was "all acting."

This is the second modeling lesson that Banks has offered Fallon. The model also appeared on the late now show last August for a special "college themed" season.

In the first lesson, Banks attempted to explain to Fallon the difference between a classy pose and a less becoming one, which would not be appropriate for high fashion.


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