Tyrese Ginuwine Tank Perform on The Couch: TGT Singer Denies Being Under Influence of Drugs (VIDEO)

Tyrese Ginuwine Tank have been forced to deny that group member, Ginuwine, was under the influence of drugs when they performed on WLNY's morning show The Couch last week.

(Photo: YouTube Screen Shot)Tyrese Ginuwine Tank perform on The Couch.

The R&B group, known as TGT, were put under the spotlight after rumors emerged that the 42 year old was under the influence during the performance. Ginuwine has of course struggled with drug use in the past, and some who saw his performance believed that he was back on drugs again. However, the singer quickly moved to deny the claims through his social media Twitter account.

The group, TGT, was formed in 2007, and consists of three members who are known to have been close friends for decades.

Ginuwine is married to rapper Sole, with the couple marrying in Las Vegas in 2003. They now have two daughters together with one another, and Sole, real name Tonya Johnston, also has two daughters from a previous relationship.

Ginuwine's real name is Elgin Lumpkin, and he too has four other children from previous relationships.

TGT has often struggled to work together, and in the past they were all signed up to different record labels, making it difficult for them to release an official album together. However, all that changed in 2012 when they signed with Atlantic Records, and they immediately started work on their upcoming debut studio album, 3 Kings, due to hit stores on August 20.

The group released their first single, "Sex Never Felt Better," on February 14.

On The Couch recently, Ginuwine and his band members were performing their new single "I Need," but Ginuwine caught everyone's attention as he barely sang into the microphone, and he refused to move from his stool when he was due to perform his solo. He looked visibly uncomfortable, and was swaying back and forth as he rubbed his legs.

Shortly after the performance, Tank (Durrell Babbs) admitted he was not happy with his bandmate: "Every night I step on stage I give my all! I demand the people around me to do the same!"" Tank said on Twitter.