U.S. Teens Bring Holy Blast South of the Border

More than 700 Christian teens from the United States took part in the annual Baja Blast in Mexico where they engaged in a two-fold plan to share the Gospel with words and deeds.

Teen Mania/Global Expeditions ministry in partnership with Baja Christian Ministries built nine homes and repainted walls and fences that were covered in graffiti in Baja, Mexico, just south of the California-Mexico border from July 26 to Aug. 1.

The nine new homes are among BCM's more than 1,600 homes, churches and school classrooms that the ministry and its partners have built since its founding 16 years ago. The ministry's ultimate goal is to build 10,000 homes and facilities over the next 20 years and evangelize, equip and disciple 1 million souls in the Baja peninsula over the same period.

"The young people from all over the United States and Canada, as well as other countries of the world came together for this great event to express God's love to the people of Baja," said BCM founder Bob Sanders. "Multiple acts of love were saturating the region."

In addition to building homes, Baja Blast participants also led hundreds of locals to commit to a discipleship program following the testimonies and prayers of teens for Baja residents.

About 10 groups of 25 people or more were formed to study the Bible using the Purple Book during the latest trip.

Teen Mania/Global Expeditions participant Jeremy Perez from Florida reflected about the trip: "It's a truly humbling experience when I'm out here building the house and playing with the kids."

"I've always heard people say that I need to see it (poverty) firsthand in order to understand, and here I am on my first mission trip realizing how true that is," he said. "I can only hope and pray that the Lord of the harvest sends out more workers."

Other evangelism methods by GE teens included vacation Bible schools, skits, personal evangelism, and house to house and public testimonies about the love of Christ.

Baja Christian Ministries was founded in 1992 by Bob Sanders who had been ministering to the poor in Mexico since 1984. The Christian organization is dedicated to serving the physical and spiritual needs of the impoverished in Mexico in the name of Jesus Christ. BCM has provided over 1,000 homes to families in greater Tijuana, Mexico.

Last year's Baja Blast team included members of the award-winning band Newsboys and executives from Christian radio station KLove.