UFC Bans Jason 'Mayhem' Miller After Incident

Flashy and often flamboyant fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller was officially banned by the President of the UFC, a professional fighting circuit.

Dana White, who started the Ultimate Fighting Championship, revealed that he was banning one of its fighters after an unknown incident and several previous misgivings.

The banning comes after two embarrassing losses where fans booed the combatants while they were two-stepping around one another.

The first loss Miller suffered was at the hands of Michael Bisping, who defeated him handedly with a third round knock-out back in December. Miller even hinted at retirement explaining that if he lost his next fight against CB Dolloway that he would walk away from the ring.

While few details have been released following the abrupt termination of Miller, White posted comments on Twitter following Miller's loss to Dolloway on Saturday. They amounted to actions backstage after the fight and not directly related to Millers poor performance and subsequent defeat at the hands of Dolloway.

"Mayhem's done. He's gone," White said post-fight, adding that the incident that occurred backstage was "just some bulls--- that I don't want to talk about. We're on a crazy string here of dumb bulls---."

The two were not on the best of terms after Miller's pre-fight antics at the weigh-in where Miller wore a pink scarf and carried a pink boom box to the stage. When asked what he thought of Miller's colorful antics after the fight, White was to the point.

"I'm not into that stuff," White said. "It's not my thing. I guess I don't really care if guys do it, because you see it at the weigh-ins all the time. You see stuff like that, but come on, man. Take this thing seriously. You want to be a clown? Do that on your reality show."

Miller listened to the advice of the former fighter's boss. Miller stars in his own reality television series on MTV called "Bully Beatdown" where he challenges bullies to get in the ring and fight professional fighters.