UFO Sighting in South Carolina

A UFO was witnessed streaking through the sky, exploding and then crashing near Greenville, South Carolina, early Monday morning.

Residents in the upstate South Carolina town reported seeing a very bright light and heard an accompanying explosion just before 2 a.m. Other residents reported feeling the earth shake when the object crashed.

One witness Cindie Stubbs of Fountain Inn, told Fox, "I saw this big, bright light that made the sand almost sparkle. It was so bright, it scared me." Fox affiliate, Fox Carolina, amazingly caught the siting on security camera.

Police reportedly received over 30 calls from both witnesses and people who were concerned with the loud crash.

Scientists speculate it was most likely a type of meteor. "It sounds like a typical bolide," Charles St. Lucas from the astronomy department at the Roper Mountain Science Center in Greenville told Fox Carolina.

"A bolide is a meteor that comes in, heats up and this one broke apart into three or four pieces, and glowed a bright blue-white," he said.

St. Lucas also added "this was kind of a rogue object -- no way to predict it -- and that makes it even more delightful."

The UFO sighting was in Vancouver, Washington, February 20, 2011, where witnesses reported seeing purple and red flashing lights, and a flying saucer shape with green and red lights. According to reports, the unidentified object hovered for a number of minutes, darting occasionally from side-to-side.

One photo showing a red dot with a blue light trail was submitted to the media from the 2011 sighting and two videos were also taken.

A local resident, Kathy Plamondon who saw the Washington UFO, contacted The Columbian newspaper saying they were confused by the sighting.

"At first I thought it was a high firework through the tree branches," Plamondon said. "As I stepped out of my front door - facing east - to help load grandbabies in parents' car, I saw that it was not going out or falling from the air, as fireworks would."