Ugg Ban in Penn. School

A school in Pennsylvania has banned students from wearing Ugg-style boots to prohibit the use of cell phones in the classroom.

Due to the school's strict policy on cell phone use during class hours, the new rule mandates that "outdoor, open top boots" and especially Uggs are not allowed, said a district official at Pottsdam Middle School.

The controversial decision came after students wearing the fleece-lined, mid-calf boots would hide their cell phones in them and text.

Parents are not happy about the school telling them what footwear their children are allowed to wear, and many parents have posted on Facebook to complain about the ban.

"Totally ridiculous," said Julie Lyn Miller-Gallisdorfer. "When the schools started paying to raise and clothe my children then maybe… Maybe then can have a say in dictating my child's wardrobe."

Another parent, Jeni Alexander, posted: "Just take them [cell phones] when they have them in class, give them a detention and be done with it."

"Pockets, bras, socks, what's next?" Wrote another parent. "I think this is absurd!"

Also commenting, a spokeswoman for Ugg said that the ban "seems arbitrary" while speaking to The Australian company's rep added, "Kids can hide their cell phones in their sweatshirts, backpacks…"

The Ugg ban has also sparked humor on Twitter. Many users are poking fun at the new rule about the trendy boot.

"Can't say this Philly school's ban on Uggs is sensible, but whatever gets those ugg-ly things off the street is A-OK," wrote Frances on the social media site.

"Why wouldn't they just ban UGG boots because they look stupid and I think less of Tom Brady for endorsing them?" wrote Twitter user Jordan of the NFL star's involvement with the brand.

Students may wear their winter boots to school but they must change out of them and into sneakers or other shoes that cannot conceal and phone before entering the classroom, according to The Daily Mail.