'Under the Dome' Season Finale Spoilers: Someone 'Will Change Everything for Chester's Mill'

CBS's summer hit "Under the Dome" is wrapping up with the season finale on Sept 16. But for many fans, that's too long to wait to find out the fate of those living under the dome. For those eager fans, read on, there are spoilers below.

Neal Baer, the show's executive producer recently sat down with T.V. Guide to provide some hits, teases, and spoilers about the upcoming season finale.

According to Baer, the finale will mostly center around "Junior, Junior, Junior." Junior Rennie, played by Alexander Koch, is the deputy under the dome. However, his mental state is less sound than your average deputy.

Baer went on to provide a bit more about what's in store for Junior, saying in the finale the young deputy "has the biggest decision of his life to make."

Though the deputy might have focus of the episode, it's not just Junior who "Under the Dome" fans can expect to be featured in the finale. Baer told TV guide that another unnamed character will play a central role as well.

The unnamed character "will discover something about him or herself that will change everything for Chester's Mill," the executive producer said.

However, no matter what happens during the season finale, fans can rest assured that "Under the Dome" will be back for a second season.

The show has already been renewed for another season and has earned praise from higher-ups at CBS.

CBS Corp CEO Leslie Moonves said of the show, "This is the way television should be … ['Under the Dome' has] been a great new model."