Underwood Tweet Rage: Singer Calls Out TN Lawmakers

Usually sweet-spoken Carrie Underwood has lashed out at lawmakers in Tennessee over the "ag-gag" bill recently.

The law requires people with undercover video footage of farms to submit unedited copies of their footage to law enforcement within 48 hours.

Animal rights activists say that the bill will diminish animal cruelty investigations on farms.

Furthermore, the bill could pose problems for food safety, labor issues, and First Amendment rights.

Other opponents believe that the bill will suppress and criminalize farm whistleblowing.

An avid animal lover, Underwood took to Twitter with her sentiments on the Ag Gag bill.

"Shame on TN lawmakers for passing the Ag Gag bill," the country music darling started via Twitter on Thursday. "If Gov. Bill Haslam signs this, he needs to expect me at his front door. Who's with me?"

The "Good Girl" singer replied Friday to State Rep. Andy Holt, a Republican who slammed Underwood for her Twitter posts.

 "I would say that Carrie Underwood will stick to singing, I'll stick to lawmaking," the representative told WSMV.

Infuriated, Underwood revisited Twitter.

"I should stick to singing? Wow… sorry," posted the singer. "I'm just a taxpaying citizen concerned for the safety of my family. #NoAgGag."

The singer posted Monday, "Happy Earth Day! Let's win this week for animals, consumers and the 1st amendment! You can help!!! #NoAgGag"

Furthermore, Underwood urged Gov. Bill Haslam not to give the bill a green light.

"@BillHaslam Please don't sign the Ag Gag bill. Think about the welfare of the animals as well as the consumers. I'm begging you," wrote the 30-year-old.

"It's not all about big businesses," she also added. "Please look out for the little guys! Show TN that you have a heart… #NoAgGag"

Underwood also provided a link to her followers to CapWiz.com, an advocacy center for ASPCA that urges online readers to prevent "this disastrous bill that allows big agribusiness to keep their activities cloaked in darkness."

The "Jesus Take the Wheel" singer has been traveling across the U.S. along her "Blown Away" tour. After winning "American Idol" in 2005, the singer went on to win six Grammy Awards.