Up Next on Atheist TV . . .

The American Atheists group announced that the world's first all-atheist TV channel will launch on July 29 through streaming service Roku, promising "superstition-free programming" for adults and children.

"The launch of Atheist TV is history in the making," American Atheists President David Silverman said in a press release on Wednesday.

"There are hundreds of TV channels dedicated to religious programming, but nothing like this has ever existed before for atheists, and yet the demand is overwhelming. For the first time, atheist video content—from firebrand speeches, to stand-up comedy, to documentaries, to real science-based educational programming, and more—is now available to atheists worldwide, on the air and all in one place. Atheist TV brings consistent, quality, superstition-free programming for children and adults, on the air and on-demand, right from your regular television. This is an idea whose time has come and we're celebrating."

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