UPS Tracking Problems Lock Customers Out of System

Customers of United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) may not be able to track their packages with just one click today, as UPS is reporting serious computer system glitches.

The company is experiencing technical problems across the nation, however, UPS spokeswoman Susan Rosenberg reassured customers that the technical problems aren't affecting regular operations or delivery. Rather, the system malfunctions are simply affecting customer's ability to track their shipments. Some customers reportedly cannot even enter the system at all.

Rosenberg has said that UPS is surprised and problems like this are very unusual, as they are safeguarded against within the UPS computer system. However, that will do little to comfort many of today's frustrated customers eager to find out where in the world their packages may be.

Rosenberg's statements seem to imply that though customers cannot follow their packages online, they can rest assured packages will arrive on time as delivery trucks and operations continue as normal.

The package delivery company was also in the news today for their recent decision to partner with an Atlanta small business, Kabbage, in an effort to help them expand. Kabbage is a small company and employs just 40 people in the Atlanta area. United Parcel Services Inc. is based in Sandy Springs, a suburb of Atlanta, GA.

According to Atlanta Business News, UPS is "offering to share some of the information it gathers from customers in order to help [Kabbage] expand their businesses."

UPS marketing Vice President Joseph Guerrisi told Atlanta Business News that working with Kabbage is a trial to see how UPS could use the data it gathers. UPS told the Atlanta publication that they are only providing Kabbage with information that customers have volunteered to share.

From computer glitches to helping small businesses, it certainly is a big news day for UPS.