Urinating on the Alamo Lands Man in Jail

A man in Texas was arrested and could face several charges after he was caught urinating on the Alamo.

Daniel Athens, 21, was arrested Saturday night when workers at the Alamo noticed him venture behind and olive tree and under a security chain before relieving himself on the side of the historic landmark, according to KENS.

Alamo Committee Chairwoman Melinda Navarro was vocally disappointed at the actions of the individual considering the significance of the site.

"It stands for many different things for many different people, and to have somebody come up and do that to the Shrine, it's very disheartening," said Navarro.

Navarro explained that park rangers who saw Athens go past the chain tried to rush over to the scene but the incident had already taken place. Rangers also told authorities that it appeared as if the man was intoxicated at the time, as reported by KENS.

While the act may seem as just poor judgment officials explain that the actual cleanup process may be quite difficult.

Navarro said that the cost of the cleanup could be in the thousands because the Alamo is nearly 300 years old and officials will have to determine how to clean up the site.

But some tourists seem to be more optimistic.

"I'm sure it will get washed off tonight, and everything will be fine tomorrow," Jean Eckert, an Arkansas tourist, told KFOX.

This is not the first time that there has been a urinating incident at the Alamo. In 1982 rocker Ozzy Osbourne was on tour in San Antonio and before the show Osbourne, who was reportedly intoxicated, also relieved himself on the Alamo. He was subsequently banned from the city for 10 years.

"Pretty offensive. I mean, it's pretty much a sacred place in Texas," said Sara Lambert.

Athens was charged with criminal mischief and public intoxication.