US Diplomat's Husband Killed in Attack in Philippines

Major George Anikow, husband of a United States diplomat and an inactive Marine, was stabbed to death in the Philippines just outside an exclusive compound in Manila. Reports state that four men have been arrested and charged with Anikow's murder.

The incident occurred early Sunday morning, when Anikow was walking back into the compound. He noticed security guards checking the identification of suspects in a vehicle; because they did not have proper clearance for the compound, they were denied entry.

The four suspects then exited their vehicle and "mauled and stabbed him in the back and shoulder," police chief Senior Superintendent Manuel Lukban told reporters. Anikow was immediately taken to the hospital but died as a result of his wounds.

The suspects tried to escape but were caught by security guards and charged with Anikow's murder.

"The embassy condemns the violent attack. The victim was the beloved spouse of a U.S. embassy staff member and a father of three," U.S. embassy spokeswoman Tina Malone said in a statement.

Anikow served with the Marine's Regional Combat Team 3 as a Civil Affairs detachment executive officer in Afghanistan. He was a decorated veteran trained in Tactical Conflict Assessment Planning and Framework, which was a program to help Marines develop relationships with local populations.

The suspects were identified as Crispec dela Paz; Galicano Datu III; Ospic Caburay; and Juan Abastillas. Three of the men work in business, while the other is a university student, according to NDTV. All are in their 20s and have been charged with murder; the knife used to kill Akinow has also been recovered and will be used as evidence in their trials.

News of the attack comes as the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi is still fresh in the public eye. Hearings have begun in the incident that left four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, dead.