Usain Bolt Turns DJ to Celebrate Win

Fans at a London night club got a surprise guest DJ after the fastest man on the planet took over the turntables and let the discs spin.

Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinting legend, left the Olympic Stadium on Saturday night and headed to a spot in East London to try his hand on the turntables, much to the delight of club-goers.

''He came on stage and grabbed the mike,'' DJ Manny Norte told The Associated Press. ''The energy went up tenfold. It was electric. Everyone was very excited to see him.''

It turns out that Bolt is not only able to make history on the track, but he also knows how to make a memorable evening last.

''It was a historic event,'' Norte explained, adding that he was also able to perform next to Bolt.

''It's not every day you get to play to a crowd with the fastest man on planet. ... You can tell he loves his music – his pop and reggae. We mixed up the tracks at bit.''

Bolt made history by becoming the only sprinter to win gold medals in the 100 and 200 meters and the 4 x 100 meter relay in consecutive Olympics and was satisfied with accomplishing his goals.

''I am happy and I did what I did and I came here to be a legend,'' Bolt told reporters at the party. ''I am now, so I am very happy with myself.''

It is not certain if he will compete in Brazil in four years, but for now he is just excited about what he was able to accomplish.

''It is a wonderful feat,'' he said. "We always come out here and give it our best. At the last Olympics we did great and at this Olympics we did great, so for me, it was an honor to share it with these guys and to do wonderful things and extraordinary things.''