Use Your iPhone 5 on NY Subway, MTA Releases Details of Pilot Program

As of September 27, AT&T and T-Mobile customers will be able to use their phones to make calls on the subway platforms of various train lines in Manhattan.

A MTA Official has confirmed with The Christian Post that plans are moving forward to implement cellular signals in the subway and that there will be an announcement made on Tuesday. He detailed that various plans are currently underway but could not make any specific comments.

However, rumors indicate that Transit Wireless, the company spearheading the expansion is in talks with Sprint and Verizon about implementing subway signals for their networks.

Transit Wireless is contributing up to $200 million to the project and will be charging wireless networks a fee for using the service, NY1 reports.

A PR firm leaked details that the first lines to receive cellular service will be the A, C, E, F, L and M at several stations along the 14th Street corridor. Stops along the 1, 2 and 3 lines will also be among the first to receive service. The 23rd Street line is also expected to receive service as the C and E trains run through that line.

The MTA has stated that it plans to have all 277 underground platforms equipped with cellular signals by 2016. It details that if the pilot program is successful, Transit Wireless will have four years to implement cellular signals throughout the rest of the subway system.

While commuters will be able to use their wireless phones on platforms, they will not have cellular access once trains have left the station. However, stations that are close to each other may be able to maintain a connection.