Usher's Wife on Custody of Son: 'I Don't Know Where My Kids Are'

Usher's lawyers have accused the singer's ex-wife, Tameka Foster, with "abuse of process," alleging that she is using her son's recent pool incident to garner publicity and take custody of her children.

Foster allegedly never showed any concern of having custody over her son, Usher Raymond V, until the most recent pool incident during which the 5-year-old accidentally became stuck to a drain.

"This is an accident that could have happened to anyone," the singer's lawyers said in court on Friday according to TMZ, adding that the children had been "thriving" under Usher's care. Lawyers also noted that the boy's aunt, who was at the pool when the boy became caught on the drain, was a "very attentive and wonderful person" who has helped take care of his children since they were born.

But Foster has argued that she now has no clue what is going on with her children. She suggested that there were at least a few incidents prior to the pool accident that has given her cause to seek custody of her kids.

"I don't know where my kids are, who they're with, who's taking care of them," she told TMZ, noting that the pool drain on which her son was caught should have had a cover over it.

Usher currently has sole custody over the two children that he shares with Foster. Earlier this week his son, Usher Raymond V, was diving into a pool to retrieve something when he became stuck on a drain. His aunt and the maid both jumped in after the boy when he failed to surface, but were unable to free him from the pool. Two male workers nearby who heard the maid's screams for help rescued the boy.

The boy remained in the hospital Friday at Usher's request lawyers said in court explaining that the father wants every test run to assure that the boy is in good health.