'Vainglory' 5v5 Update Now Live On Android

Youtube/Super Evil Megacorp'Vainglory' 5v5 is now live.

The highly anticipated "Vainglory" 5v5 update has arrived a day early on Android finally bringing the mobile game up to par with PC MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games. The update is expected to alter the competitive landscape which for years has been a 3v3 affair.

The game was previously streamlined to its 3v3 model due in part to the capabilities of smartphones. However, as more powerful devices began entering the market, Super Evil Megacorp finally decided to adopt the 5v5 model which has been the norm since the early days of MOBAs.

The 5v5 matches will now be played on a full 3-lane map along with a "true line-of-sight Fog of War" mechanic that was introduced with the update. A few new objectives were also added to keep players busy.

Another interesting addition introduced by Super Evil Megacorp is the support for 120Hz displays. So far, the only devices currently able to support such high refresh rate are the Razer Phone and the Japan-only Sharp Aquos mini SH-M03 so those who own these devices can now enjoy smoother resolutions on the same level as the current iPad Pro.

For years, "Vainglory" has been the most popular MOBA on Android. While it has seen stiff competition with the arrival of similar games, it remains the go-to MOBA for mobile. With the shift from 3v3 to 5v5 gameplay, the majority of the change will definitely come from the players themselves.

These include new strategies, new lineups, and new roles similar to PC MOBA titles. These changes will affect both normal matches as well as the professional scene with some of the biggest teams already discussing how 5v5 would alter the competitive landscape.

For the most part, the professional "Vainglory" scene will begin to resemble those of from "Dota 2" and "League of Legends." That means bigger rosters and bigger strategic staff which could pose new challenges to organizations. However, all of these will be necessary if the game is to grow to become one of the pioneers of mobile esports.